Monday, January 18, 2016

My Bucket List

I don't have an extensive bucket list. I really am pretty content just seeing what I can get to in life. However, as I meandered into adulthood, there were two things I really wanted to accomplish. The first, was learning another language. And while I was far from fluent, I was proud of what I learned of that language during my time in Turkey. I am still hopeful that I can regularly return to my lessons and continue improving -- even though it isn't the most useful language.

The second thing I always wanted to do was learn how to play the piano. When I had Abigail, my gift from JB was piano lessons. But honestly, I never really found the opportunity.

Until now.

Part of our homeschool curriculum is going to include piano for our kids. And since we have a wonderful teacher coming to the house once a week to give Sidge and Isaac lessons, we decided that I would take lessons too.

I am catching on. My teacher tells me I am doing well and progressing quite nicely. (Not sure if she tells everyone that, but it's still nice to hear.)

So, without further ado, my first concert for my Blog readers!


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