Sunday, January 24, 2016

JB Turns 40

There is no way I could possibly choose the "right" photos for my husband's 40th birthday. So I am just picking a quick few that I thought did the best job of capturing him in a nutshell.

My husband is a: Christ-following farmer. He's a physician father. He's a Godly husband and nature lover. He loves animals, the outdoors, the Lord, his family, and mushrooms. He is a birder. He saves people lives. He has saved my life more times than I can count. He is a spiritual leader and our provider. He is thoughtful, devoted, determined, and dedicated. He is easy-going and even-keeled. He is one mood all the time. He never loses his temper. He is romantic and a gentleman. 

He is truly everything I could have asked for in a best friend, a husband, and the father of my children. This is the 24th birthday I will celebrate as "his girl." And I pray we can celebrate many more. 

I love you JB! Happy 40th. I know we are celebrating it with you while we are in Florida and you are working the ER in a horrendous Tennessee snow storm. But I love you just the same.

I'm asking that anyone who reads this post either here or on Facebook will leave a comment with their most favorite or vivid JB memory! Please share away. I'd also love if those of you who have had him as a doctor could share what makes him a great one!

My husband dislikes heat. He dislikes crowds. And he dislikes "contrived" fun. But he willingly took his family to Disney World. I still remember the first time he saw Isaac smile at Mickey Mouse when we took the boys when we were little. JB turned to me and said, "This was worth it." I also love that he is wearing a t-shirt which talks about his love of mushrooms. 

Not much to say about this photo that hasn't been said before. JB stood by my side and fought and prayed as hard as I did to become a Dad. I will also never forget how quickly and easily he became Isaac's Daddy. 

Our wedding on June 20, 1998

A picture Isaac took of JB that totally captures his silly side.

Hiking on the farm

Handling a medical emergency in the military

With his favorite four little people in the entire world.

Having a talk with Sidge in the duck enclosure.


Anonymous said...

Happy 40th, JB! While we've never met, I've admired you from afar via Wendi's blog & occasionally popping into your blog. You seem to be the rudder of the ship y'all call family while trusting the Father to guide you in the vast seas. One can look at the pictures/watch the videos & see how very much your children & your wife adore you. I have to imagine your patients echo that sentiment as well. I have no doubt that God has planted you to be an amazing branch which will bear fruit in His favor in all you do. My heart smiles seeing how much you are enjoying your new home - the farm you've been dreaming of! My thanks to you, Wendi & the kiddos for your service to our country. I have no doubt God will bless your efforts as you enjoy settling in your forever home.

Tracye said...

Love this sweet post honoring your husband. He and my husband would enjoy meeting each other some I would enjoy you! 💜 -- Hugs, Tracye