Monday, January 04, 2016

We Bought a Farm: Losing a Neighbor

*****Update*****On Saturday, they had the viewing for Kim. Dad, Mom, and I and the kiddos went to the funeral home as JB had to work. And we took turns going in and someone staying in the car with the kiddos.

And on Sunday, we attended the funeral. Actually, JB got off work and went to the funeral with Dad and Mom, and I came over with the kids for the meal that followed. 

I just have to take a moment to say how incredibly blessed we are to have been included by this sweet country community. These are people living life together. This is a tiny little country church that Kim attended her entire life. And this is a place that feels like home. We were able to meet Billy's children and his grandchildren. We were able to fellowship with this family and stand with them in their grief.

I also love the presence of children at events like this. Children lighten the mood. They can't really comprehend grief the same way adults can. While Sidge cried frequently this week when we discussed Kim, at the meal, they laughed and giggled as they sat next to Kim's mom. And I watched her laugh with them.

Even though we have only been here for seven months, we have become very connected to our neighbors. Dad and Mom attend a tiny Presbyterian church down the road with about a dozen other members -- all of whom live right around our home.

One of those ladies, Kim, went home to Jesus on December 31st after fighting an 8 year battle with cancer. She was just 42 years old.

Not only was she a neighbor, but JB cared for her frequently as a patient.

Would you join me in praying for her family -- specifically her mom, Robbie, and her aunt, Fay, who lived with her. They live on the farm bordering us. This is our good friend Billy's niece.

We all feel so very sad even though we know Kim is no longer in any pain and celebrating in heaven. We will be attending the viewing this evening and the funeral tomorrow.

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