Sunday, January 10, 2016

Homeschool: My Country Tis of Thee

I am often asked what homeschool looks like. Well it is far from what you might imagine. The one lesson we do with all four kids is Bible. This is the only lesson Abigail is required to participate in, and definitely the only lesson I will attempt with Hannah not otherwise occupied.

Our Bible unit is one I bought second-hand from a fellow homeschool mom. It is an Abeka curriculum. You are supposed to do it every day, but we are lucky if we do it once a week. I actually think I am just going to continue this into another year and then possibly repeat it if we ever finish it.

Included in this lesson is some time to sing some Bible songs. We also say the pledge and sing My Country Tis of Thee every time we do this lesson.

I thought this video below pretty accurately captures my kiddos and shows who they all are as individuals.

  • Isaac is usually in the background -- observing and possibly participating slightly if he really feels the spirit moving. He absolutely knows all the words but is not keen to be in the middle of things.
  • Sidge is the one belting it out with every fibre of his being. He is so passionate about everything in life.
  • Abigail is almost always dancing. She absolutely loves to dance and her favorite part of Bible is dancing. 
  • Hannah just wants to be a part. She will find one of her siblings to mimic and stick with that.
Without further ado, I present, a few moments in the day of a homeschooling mama.

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