Saturday, January 16, 2016

A tale of blueberries, a marble, and a glass blender

This is a true story.

Trust me. You cannot make this up.

While making my daily smoothie, I accidentally dropped some frozen blueberries on the counter. I scooped them back up and plopped them into the blender.

Only thing was: I had no idea that I also, accidentally, scooped the marble that I had fished from Hannah's grab and placed on the counter a few days earlier.

I hit blend and suddenly there is smoothie smattered everywhere and chunks of glasses hit the floor and something rather painful struck my thigh.

Yes, a marble in my smoothie broke the blender and actually made me bleed and required my doctor husband to assure that there wasn't any glass lodged in my leg.

So consider yourself warned. Blueberries & Blenders do not go together.


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