Friday, January 15, 2016

The Princess Bride

One of our favorite movies EVER is The Princess Bride. JB decided that with a little bit of fast-forwarding, we could let the three olders watch this movie. Oh was it fun to watch with them. I posted a picture on Facebook with the caption: "It is time. Time to introduce a new generation to one of the greatest movies of all time." I loved the comments I got and wanted to share them with you (and to keep them on my Blog for posterity sake.)

Deanna Long Wilson As you wish!
Wendi Huisman Kitsteiner We will fast forward the RUOS scene!
Wendi Huisman Kitsteiner

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Kristin Coker I named my son after farm boy 
Mim Schoeppler I know someone else who did too!
Wendi Huisman Kitsteiner
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Christa DelSorbo Best. Movie. Ever.
Bethany Slagter Meyer Yes, the RUOS scene is scary. Also, the boys say there is one swear word in it, but I don't remember where it's at. Ok, I just gotta throw out another quote...."I'm not a witch, I'm your wife."
Wendi Huisman Kitsteiner Actually the torture scene is a for sure fast forward ....
Wendi Huisman Kitsteiner
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Dea Dominguez The Passion!!!!!! 
Wendi Huisman Kitsteiner Oh Deanna --- that gets me every time!!!
Wendi Huisman Kitsteiner
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Phil Danner I've seen this movie so many times I can quote it. Great show. Only the part in the dismal swamp is a little violent for city kids.
Wendi Huisman Kitsteiner My brother was bothered by the torture scene when he was a kid so we think we'll skip this one too. JB has been wanting to let them watch it for so long, I finally gave in smile emoticon
Phil Danner All my kids loved it.
Wendi Huisman Kitsteiner
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Brittany King Love it!
Julie Ann Farmer Anderson · 15 mutual friends
Best movie ever! Can't wait to introduce my son to its glories...
Sarah Thompson Stebbins Yet another movie I've never seen.
Sarah Thompson Stebbins No desire to. And now it's just for the fun of being different smile emoticon.
Wendi Huisman Kitsteiner
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Kelly Page Lano YES!!!!!!!!! I've seen it over 30 times in my lifetime!!!!! Oh, Farm Boy!!!!!!!
Sarah Russell OK I have to ask.... what movie is this
Cathleen Eldridge I have the same question, Sarah 
Sarah Thompson Stebbins It's The Princess Bride.
Wendi Huisman Kitsteiner
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Heather Meier Head My daughter LOVES this movie..."As you wish" LOL
Susan Curran · Friends with Lisa McKinney
As You Wish...
Genevieve L. Smith I need to find the movie and the book. I had the book, but lost it in our house fire back in 2007. It's one of my favorite books
Mike Wilson We just watched this again after years and I still love it!!
Jodi Ellis Markus Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.
Kelly Nickerson We Love this movie!!
Kelli King Yes!!! Marriage. Marriage is what brings us togetha today. That wove, true wove, will fowwooow u, forewer... 
Mim Schoeppler I officiated my best friend's wedding and I totally started out with "mawwage. Mawwage is wat bwings us toogeva today." It was awesome until I realized my best friend had never seen the movie. I remedied that the very next week.
Kelli King Omg Mim I have no idea who you are but I can tell we would be friends in another life! I laughed out loud when I read this! That is totally something I would do!
Wendi Huisman Kitsteiner
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Christopher Malgaret What movie is this?
Jodi Ellis Markus Princess Bride 🏼
Constance Sorgen Best. Movie. Ever.
Wendi Huisman Kitsteiner
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Scott Snedaker Inconceivable!
Byron Cox Sleep well, and dream of large women...
Kristin Coker I'm not a witch, I'm your wife
Scott Snedaker True love is the greatest thing in the world...except for BMTs, bacon mutton and tomato sandwiches where the mutton is nice and lean. But that's not what he said! He said, tooooblaauff.
Stacy Cox Anybody want a peanut....
Gabbi Iannace Kitsteiner Let me know how they liked it.
Grace Marie Wilson Oh my goooossshhh!!! You were the first person I ever watched this movie with :)) so many good memories. Love it.
Wendi Huisman Kitsteiner We're we!? That's awesome!!!!!
Wendi Huisman Kitsteiner
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Stefanie Dolan Mizrahi You keep using that word. I don't think it means what you think it means.
Marlo Zirker Greer Love love love this movie. How did your kids like it? I've been thinking about showing it to my girls, but I wasn't sure they'd like it yet.
Wendi Huisman Kitsteiner Half way through and so far they like it although Isaac said it has humor that only the grownups are laughing at.
Wendi Huisman Kitsteiner
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Amanda Goodwin Feeser We just watched this with all of ours last week... They loved it!
Ron Feeser You are just now showing them? INCONCEIVABLE!
Wendi Huisman Kitsteiner I love how everyone is throwing out a line.
Wendi Huisman Kitsteiner Cathleen Eldridge I could be wrong but I think you'd like this movie!!!!
Sherry Evansen White · 2 mutual friends
Long before "these are not the droids you're looking for" was "I do not think that word means what you think it means!"
Patty Pérez-Borroto " I am not left handed!" Ha! (I used to have a T-shirt with Iñigo Montoya's quotes on the back...)

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One of my favorites of all time!!