Sunday, January 03, 2016

Geography App I HAVE to recommend

I don't recommend a whole lot of apps. Outside of my all-time favorite: Homer, the rest seem sort of a dime a dozen. The kids like them for a bit, they learn a bit, and then they move on.

But I now must recommend two more apps. They are $2 each and WELL worth the cost.

Stack the States and Stack the Countries

To be old enough to play, your child will need to be able to read. Abigail doesn't play this yet but my boys are addicted. And what they are learning is just incredible.

A huge thank you to my Lajes friend Katherine Ashe for the original recommendation, long before my boys could read.

Also, I want to couple this with a previous post I did on geography. This is an online website that I found that I think is an incredible resource as well.

Here are some other geography links that I really love:

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