Saturday, August 31, 2013

Cow Licks Kids Salon

Yesterday, I swallowed every thing within me that was screaming, "Don't do it!!!" and took the boys to get hair cuts. I had every excuse in the book that would have given me a free out. I am hugely and uncomfortably pregnant, contracting regularly. Daddy would be here in a few days. "Just wait!" the voice was yelling. "You deserve a free pass!"
All this drama surrounding hair cuts?
Once upon a time, hair cuts were no big deal in our house. I found this old blog post detailing Isaac's second hair cut: Isaac's hair cut. JB did them, and Isaac sat willingly for them.
And then somewhere along the line, the peace and tranquility of a haircut, went out the window. Isaac decided that these cuts were the worst idea ever. Sidge came along and concurred. And suddenly, great waling and gnashing of teeth would result anytime a hair cut was even suggested. (Check out this video here for some very tame proof: Isaac getting his hair cut.) That was shot in Turkey, right after Abigail was born.
We tried having JB stop doing the cuts. I took them to a Turkish barber.
It ... was ... a ... disaster.
They tried cutting the boys hair at the same time, and both of them screamed like banshees the entire time. Back to letting JB do it. Movies, ice cream, it didn't matter. Great sadness ensued.
I mean, the boys are 4.5 and 5 now! They sit in a dentist chair without crying. But they cry when getting their hair cut? Give me a break!
So despite knowing what needed to be done, I did NOT want to take them to get their cuts yesterday. (But I also didn't want to give JB a huge to do list as soon as he exits the airplane on Sunday). So, I asked my brother-in-law Ray for a recommendation. He suggested:Cow Lick Kids Salon which is just a few miles from my parents' home in Coconut Creek.
Cow Lick Kids Salon ROCKS! It was amazing. I paid a few more dollars for a cut than I might have paid at a Supercuts. (Supercuts quoted me at $13. This was $20.)
But it was worth every penny.
As soon as we walked in the door, all three kids (yes, Abigail came along too but did not get a hair cut) went running toward the cool trucks and/or cars they could sit in while they got their cuts. There were movies at each station complete with an array of choices for them to make. A play area was available. Lollipops were given out like ... well ... candy.
The women who cut their hair were not only very good at what they did, but incredibly nice. Neither boy shed one tear! In fact, during the hair cut, Sidge actually told the woman, "You are giving me a very good hair cut." He also said to me, "Hey Mom?" Yeah. "I love you."

I don't know that this will totally eliminate all drama in the future as we have to return to the Azores where our only choice is to take them to the on-Base barber or let JB do it at home. But any time we are back in South Florida, we will go here! It ... was ... awesome.

P.S. Here's a fun video of the Boys styling Joni's hair while we waited for Abigail to be born in Germany.

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