Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Doctor Update

Saw my doctor in office for the last time today.

This time next week, we will have met our little baby girl.

He said that, no big surprise, the contractions are not causing any cervical change. This was exactly how things went with Abigail if you remember. (They shipped me out to Germany at 31 weeks and she came on her scheduled C-section date at 39 weeks.)

I am having contractions very frequently. A "bout" of them usually lasts around 1-3 hours. Sometimes they are intense. Sometimes they are just annoying. But often they leave me having to be on the couch and wait them out.

It is hard to admit that you are in need. The Lord has brought me to this point many times during this pregnancy. I could not do this without the family we have around. My father and mother, in-laws, and Joni are ALL-STAR GRANDPARENTS. 

My parents have put their lives on hold and opened up their home to us. As soon as they get home from work, they dive right in to helping me. In the morning, they help with anything I need before they go to work. In addition, my mom is ready at a moment's notice to head home if I need her.

Mom and Dad K. are no different. Mom K. doesn't work and so she is often over at my parents house or, tonight, she had the boys over to her house for a sleepover. Joni hasn't been in town a lot, but when she is, she is helping! Ray and Gabbi have watched the kids too. Everyone has been willing to help me make this work.

Today I admitted, I can no longer do it. I am too fatigued, sleeping too poorly, and having too many contractions to watch all three by myself. And I don't have to. I hate to admit I need help. But I do.

It is hard to be in need. But I am. And my needs are met thank you Lord.

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