Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday Funnies

With Isaac out of town, enjoy Sidge's humorous view of the world! I have to be honest and brag for a moment. This kid is funny. Not try-to-be-funny" but just says-things-that-make-you-laugh-without-trying-funny.

I suppose JB has, at some time, taught Sidge the word "googol" at some point in the past: number that is equal to 1 followed by 100 zeros and expressed as 10 100  . Here was the conversation we had in the car:
Sidge: "Can I drive?"
Me: "Not until you turn 16."
Sidge: "16 or 4 and a half? Either one?"
Me: "No. Just sixteen. You have to be sixteen."
Sidge: "I can be sixteen or a googol. Right Mommy? A googol is a very big number."
When a little girl at my mom's Bible Study didn't understand how to build something, my Mom said, "Maybe Sidge can show you how to build it?" Sidge replied, "I absolutely can ... not."
Sidge got a watch from Chik-Fil-A which he likes to look at, tell me the numbers, and ask me how to say what the time is. So he's become a little obsessive about the time. In the car the other day, he asked me what time it was. I told him, "7:52." He then asked me, "Will that be sooner or later?" Huh?
While discussing the ten commandments the following conversation ensued:
Grama Di: "Have you ever wanted something that someone else had?"
Sidge: "Just one time."
Grama Di: "And what happened?"
Sidge: "It was Cousin Nate's toy. And he gave it to me."
When meeting a British four-year-old at my parent's Bible Study, Sidge said: "Why does she speak like that?" She was the same little girl who kept saying that the music, "Was making my feet dance." She also was aghast that Abigail would eat without her fork. "She's using her hands!"
Sidge saw a picture of Daddy on Papa's computer. He said, "Mommy! That's Daddy! I can't wait to see him! I'm gonna hug him first!"
I told the kids we were going to go to Wendy's for lunch. Sidge said, "I'm just gonna tell Abigail we are just going to Mama's since she doesn't understand what Wendy's is."
On Friday, Sidge woke up, so excited that it was the day he got to spend at his Uncle Matt & Aunt Danielle's. I told him we weren't going to go, however, until after lunch. "I ate lunch," he said. "So let's go." (He had eaten breakfast.)

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