Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Joia arrives

Joia got in last night around dinner time. I didn't bother taking out my camera. I knew she'd have the Bases covered. First we took some pictures and ate some dinner:
 Moriah, Caleb, Sidge, Keenan, and Isaac

Abigail was not used to sharing anything with anyone (since her brothers like things she doesn't like) so this whole "other baby" and "other little girl" thing was not to her liking.
And then we headed to the park down the street from my parents.

Elijah was amazed at Moriah's upside down antics, but didn't want to attempt it himself because "it's dangerous!"


So fantastic to catch up with my friend Joia. Our husbands were residents together at Eglin, and I had her for three whole years! Back when we met, Keenan was just three months old. Hard to believe there are now six kids (and one more on the way!)

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Anonymous said...

That last picture is so sweet.