Wednesday, August 14, 2013

App Advice?

I am looking for the best learning apps for an IPAD. Really good but fun educational games for my boys (ages 4.5 and 5). We are technologically impaired after living overseas for three years so I know I am behind the times, but if you can offer me really good suggestions, I'd be most appreciative!


Anonymous said...

TeachMe: Kindergarten (I think there is a preschool version, too...) You can set up separate users for each kiddo.

Anonymous said...

My first advice would be to go to or like the same site in Facebook. I've founds lots of great educational for my six year old that way. His favorite iPad app is Sky Fish Phonics and costumes are even part of the game so I'm guessing your boys would love it! Other favorites include Bugs&Numbers, Wild Kratz Creature Math, Math Kingdom, monkeyMath, and MonkeyWord. Have fun!

Jen H said...

iWriteWords teaches forming the letters and it is fun. Free Lite version too. Free apps are posted on "Free App Fridays"- I get a link in a money saving email but I'm sure you can google it. There are preschooler apps every week- all free, but only on friday.