Saturday, August 31, 2013


Jaxson's Ice Cream Parlor is a landmark around these parts. World famous, it offers desserts, that, quite literally, come in a kitchen sink. My parents excited my ice-cream-loving Isaac during his first few days here with a promise of a trip to Jaxson's. He reminded them daily. I called Jaxson's to get assurance on what flavors were eggless.
A few weeks ago, Papa and Grama Di took the three oldest grandchildren TO Jaxson's. Isaac was a bit disappointed because Chareligh and Sidge ordered "cotton candy" ice cream, and the waitress could not be sure of its egg content. Therefore Isaac was "left out" and had to pick something else.
He opted for strawberry with strawberries on top. My parents said that when the ice cream arrived, any sadness he had was completely put out of its misery.

Sidge and Charleigh were also, far from disappointed!

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