Friday, August 02, 2013

Sweet Sleep

I think we are finally switched over sleep wise. Everyone is going to bed well between 7-8pm and everyone is waking up well between 6-7:30am. It's nice having my parents here. Sidge has been getting up the earliest, and he just goes downstairs and hangs out with my Dad for an hour before the rest of the kiddos start stirring.

There has been a little drama surrounding Isaac's comfort with sleeping upstairs, in a new room. He wants a lot of lights on. Sidge does not. He also got very freaked out when the phone rang in the room. (While we have a phone in Turkey, it seldom rings. He has usually only head a phone ringing through the computer. It scared him pretty bad.)

If we were just here a week, we could make concessions. But we are here for almost two months. So we have to find a routine that will work, consistently. Grama Di can't sleep next to them every night for two months. It's hard because this is a lot of change for them. Their life has been a lot of change. These boys have lived on three continents. Someone on the airplane asked Sidge if this was his first time flying. I think he almost laughed out loud.

Yesterday in the car, Sidge asked me "are we on Base?" No, I explained. There is no Base here. "Why not?" Isaac asked. They are so used to living near a Base and either being "on it" or "off it." This is different. Life is different. Isaac told me he just wanted to go home and see Daddy. I keep reminding myself that the reason we have to do this month apart is because we chose to live overseas. We asked for these two assignments (first Turkey and then the Azores) because they don't deploy their doctors and we wanted to stay together as a family. We decided to deploy together instead of apart.

We are challenged but remind ourselves that we are on a fantastic adventure!

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