Monday, August 19, 2013

Lovin' her some Aunt Danielle

During the last week, Abigail has been ... challenging ... to say the least. Do I know why? I do not. I am claiming that it is because she is getting in her two-year molars. Do I know this for sure? No, I do not. But blaming her fussy little britches on something is way better than having nothing to blame it on.

Truthfully, we are guessing that a lot of this is just stress from being away from home, away from Daddy, and preparing to welcome a little sister. Surely none of this is lost on her little brain and feelings and emotions.
Early on, she was doing okay when I left her with grandparents for doctors appointments or a quick run to the store. But then, she started losing her mind when Mommy wasn't present ... not a great thing when you know you are going to be gone for a number of days having a C-section.
But while she is still sportin' a 'tude, she has fallen head-over-heels in love with her Aunt Danielle. Aunt Danielle can do no wrong little Abigail's book. I honestly think she'd choose her over Mommy (and that is saying something!)
Here they are showin' off Abigail's new smile (observe the squinty face) and the fact that I've resorted to letting have her pacifier in other places besides her bed simply because it is one of the only things, outside of mom, that has stopped her tears lately. I am claiming I am giving it to her because her teeth hurt her. True? Maybe. I don't know.
Aunt Danielle asked her if she wanted to get her nails painted. The kid sat down and laid her hands out like she has done this every day. (She hasn't! This was her first time!) She got pink fingernails and a combination of blue and pink toenails.

Another view of the squinty smile. A bit blurry, but you get the idea.

And why not do lip gloss too?!

Isn't she only two?! Lordy what in the world is her jock-of-a-mother going to do. Move Danielle in full time? Perhaps!

She even went to find Danielle to get help getting her food! Seriously?! Who is this miracle worker Danielle?

Time to sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to 26-year-old Danielle. She is married to the 5th Kitsteiner: JB's younger brother Matt. That's big cousin Grace behind Danielle. Grace is pretty popular with Abigail too.

Time to blow out the candles!

With Grace, her pacifier, her squinty face, and her baby dolls.

Wearing the new high heels Aunt Gabbi gave her -- and doing the pacifier smile.

Trying to pop Aunt Danielle's bubbles.

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Hey Can Danielle move in for awhile? grama di