Thursday, August 22, 2013

Dedicated to all my teammates

To all those girls who played basketball with me at Western Kentucky University, I present you with a floating around Facebook post. You can see the entire parade of humor by clicking here.
By the way, my favorite one is the first one. I still vividly remember attending an "optional" pick-up game. We played three games, and it was my turn to sit out for the last one since we had 12 gals there. I decided to head back to my dorm to get started on a research paper only to see my answering machine light blinking as I walked into my dorm room. A message from my coach. Why wasn't I at the "optional" pick-up game (that he wasn't supposed to be watching.) Still cracks me up!
Thank you to all my teammates for supporting me during four long, wonderful years at WKU.



ShaRae Mansfield said...

Lol all of these are sooooo true! Too funny!

Jamie Britt Schellhammer said...
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Jamie Britt Schellhammer said...

So funny but SO true!!!