Friday, August 09, 2013

Friday Funnies

Sidge: "Why is it summer time all the time in Florida?"
Isaac & Sidge: Both my boys call the "instructions" on a puzzle, the "destructions."
Last night, while reading our Children's Bible before bed, we talked about rules that our parents have for us, like the rule God had about not eating fruit from the tree in the garden.
Me: "What rules do we have for you guys?"
Isaac: "Don't be mean to our brother and sister."
Sidge: "Yeah and don't walk around the house naked."
We were getting ready to leave Grampa and Grama K's house. Sidge went up to Grama and said, "Can we come back another day?"
Grama: "Absolutely!"
Sidge: "Mom, she said absolutely!"
Me: "That's great."
Sidge: "Yeah. Does absolutely mean yes or no?"
While building with magnatiles today, Sidge told me, "Mom, that's not very clever." Guess he didn't like my design.

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Gabbs said...

Sidge, I wonder why it's summer in Florida all the time, too!