Friday, August 23, 2013

Reader Question:

I have a doggy question for you. Do you have any tips for managing dog hair and shedding (as many of our 4 legged family members do) and little ones?  

Great question with unfortunately, not a good answer. Our Dalmatian sheds like a MAD MAN! It is terrible, and quite honestly, probably the reason I don't want another indoor dog. It is soooo much hair. There is so much. My tips are not incredibly helpful (and probably fairly obvious), but here they are nonetheless:
  • Vacuum frequently.
  • Have rooms that are off-limits to the dog if you want to keep some places hair free. (My husband's office is one of these as it has our nice Turkish rug in it.)
  • Brush the dog frequently. (Outside!)
  • Vacuum the dog. (I kid you not! My husband does this!)
Any other readers have any other tips to share?

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Rene Chaney said...

We had the shedding problem with our dog. We had to sweep and vacuum every day. Along with her making my allergies flare up. Everyone kept saying to get a Furminator. When I went back to the states I looked and they were so expensive! I went to the shampoo aisle and found some Furminator shampoo and conditioner. It was $12.95 per bottle, and I got a bottle of each. We have used the shampoo on her once per week and the conditioner once every other week. The results are great! Very little shedding and allergies are MUCH better. Plus her coat is more tame and a beautiful shine! I will be ordering more.