Wednesday, December 02, 2015

We Bought a Farm: Rain

Rain + Farming = Mud.

I have decided that I am really not in love with farming when it is raining. Taking care of the animals in the rain (aka "mud") just really zaps you. Walking the hills in pouring rain with buckets of feed in fear of slipping down a muddy embankment is exhausting.

"Running out" to quickly feed or water means changing my clothes when I get back in. The dog is muddy. I'm muddy.

And the kids can't go outside without getting muddy which I just really don't have in me to deal with right now.

The good part is, of course, things are getting watered. I also don't usually have to water the animals nearly as frequently.

But just not a fan of mud and manure mixed with mud.

Whole new ball game.

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