Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Grama, what's that?

Grama joined us for a homeschool field trip yesterday. Afterwards, we stopped at our barber shop to get the boys hair cuts. Sidge saw a newspaper sitting on the chair, and he said, "Grama? What's that?"

Oh ... my ... goodness ...

I know my kids are growing up differently than I did. I mean how many times do I quickly "look something up" in the car or google something or call someone from wherever we are? They won't experience waiting to see photos that they took be developed. And they will probably never really use an Encyclopedia, but oh my goodness, will they most likely never read a newspaper?

For the next 15 minutes or so, Grama gave Sidge a crash-course on all things Newspaper. 

In January, my husband will turn 40. I will do the same thing in 2017. I don't feel old. But I realize that the world my kids are growing up is so foreign from the world my children will know.


Jennifer said...

My dad works for the Houston Chronicle and the newspaper is a dying art. It is sooo sad that our kids don't even realize what it is

Sherrie said...

This makes me happy <3 Rob very fondly remembers looking through the funny pages whenever his parents got the newspaper.