Saturday, December 26, 2015

And Riddick makes 7!

A huge congrats to my brother and his wife, Adrienne "AD", who welcomed Riddick William Huisman to their family just a few days before Christmas. He joins big sisters Charleigh (who is about the same age as my boys) and Baylee (who is a little older than Abigail.) Riddick gives my parents 7 grandchildren -- quite a perfect number I would say. This gives them four girls and three boys, and while I can't speak on behalf of AD, I think both of us feel our families are pretty complete so 7 may be the final answer -- at least until I have the energy to adopt again ... which I definitely hope to do.

I'm going to making a trip to Florida in January -- a big part of which is to get to meet Riddick. Oh, and yes -- he was one big baby. I thought Hannah was big at 10.2, but Riddick beat her at 10.10 -- coming close to his Dad's record of 11.1. 

Riddick William Huisman

My parents with my brother's three kiddos.

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