Tuesday, December 08, 2015

God's Good News

What an awesome Bible for your kids! Truly, I think this might be my favorite "first Bible" book. God's Good News includes outstanding illustrations, well-told stories, and devotions from Billy Graham intermingled with the stories.

This book is much taller than a Bible which I always thinks helps when little hands are using it. Through full-color pages, children are invited to experience God through powerful stories from His Word, the Bible. They can imagine the walls of water int he parted Red Sea ... figure out why Joseph chose to forgive his brothers ... and read about a paralyzed man Jesus healed from a distance.

The stories are told with actual Bible text, teaching children the most amazing news in the universe -- that God loves us, saves us from our sin, and invites us into a new life with Him. Each entry includes the wisdom of Billy Graham, who spent his life helping people all over the world understand and respond in faith to the love and mercy of Jesus Christ.

There are 75 stories spread over 192 pages -- a huge book full of life! This is a fantastic Christmas gift idea for the special child in your life!

Booklook Bloggers gave me a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review!

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