Sunday, December 20, 2015

Father and kiddos

JB's Facebook status: "I shall take my children to see Star Wars in the theater... like my father before me."

I'm not sure who was more excited: JB to take his kids to see this or his kids, to have their Daddy take them to see it.

I myself am not a huge Star Wars fan .... but this one was by far my favorite. It was SO good. JB and I had deep discussions over whether the kids were ready to see Star Wars. With the boys, we were very deliberate about them being ready. But what we didn't factor in was that little sister would automatically catch the fever just by having two older brothers. 

When the movie started, she put her hands up in the air like she was on a roller coaster ride! So much fun.

(And a huge thank you to Grampa and Grama for babysitting the "Hurricane" so we could enjoy the movie!)

P.S. It's really fun having your kids grow up -- and not so fun at the same time. But things like this? Priceless!

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