Monday, December 14, 2015

Fourth child joins "Code Brown" ranks

This morning it happened. Hannah joined the ranks of the "Code Brown" club in our house. I honestly thought we had escaped with her and that we would end up 3 for 4 in the CB club.

But alas ... I was wrong again.

If you are completely clueless about what a "Code Brown" is, click here to read a past post on this topic. It was the post that Abigail put us at 3 for 3.

This morning, I had the girls in the upstairs tub. JB was still asleep in our room. But when we noticed that Hannah had done the duty, I had to move both girls downstairs to the tub in our bathroom and thus, wake Daddy up.

And now .... to clean up the tub.


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TAV said...

Ha ha. I just had to re-read the original CODE BROWN post, and was again laughing. Sorry for you. I once simultaneously was dealing with a poop blowout and then got peed and vomited on. But we've yet to have a CODE BROWN. Yet.