Tuesday, December 15, 2015

We Bought a Farm: Organic Feed = Expensive & Far away!

We are still working to find a good solution for our feed issues on the farm. Organic feed is SO expensive and also not available locally. A bag of organic feed can cost about $32 a bag while non-organic runs closer to $7! We found a place in Knoxville that was selling it but they were selling it for $48! Egads! I am getting more and more of an appreciation for why organic feed in the grocery store costs so much more. It costs more because it costs more to raise it. A LOT more! 

Currently, our best bet is Asheville, NC -- which is still 3 hours round trip. We have hopes in regards to a local person we have met online who wants to start getting a bulk shipment delivered, but for now, we are just glad that we found a place closer than the place we originally found (8 hour round trip to Virginia!)

The only day JB could go and do this was on Saturday. But Abigail had been invited to a birthday party. So ... I took Abigail to the party and the other three kids headed out with Dad. He decided to make a day of it and found a nice park to stop at. He took some great pictures that I wanted to share!

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