Monday, December 21, 2015

We Bought a Farm: The Best Farmer

Being eight months younger than your big brother can be a challenging spot. Isaac often is "better" at things and quicker to pick things up simply because they are doing things at the same time but Isaac is a little bit older.

So JB and I make a point to point out the things that Sidge does do better. The other day we had this conversation:

JB: "You know what Sidge, you are the best kid farmer we have. That is the thing you do the best."
Sidge: "Yeah? You think so?"
JB: "Yep. Isaac does some things better than you but you do farming better than him."
Isaac: "Well, that's because I don't like farming. So I'm fine with that."

Anyways, Sidge has already taken over feeding the guinea fowl by himself, but we've been working on him taking over the geese and ducks. Yesterday he decided to try the whole thing by himself. So proud of him. He's totally got it!

The kid loves farming.

Here are some videos I took of his adventures:

The first thing he has to do is return any ducks or geese that got out of their pen overnight. First up? One duck ... which Sidge caught (with some help from Abigail) and put back in.

Next up? Shooing the entire flock of geese back in. He did it flawlessly.

And then, the biggest thing, is getting over the fence with the food by himself. He did it so well.

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