Monday, December 07, 2015

We Bought a Farm: Good Morning from Hannah!

"Hi everyone! This is me, just this morning, taking a picture for Mommy. She asked if she could take a picture of the outfit I picked this morning, and I decided my belly needed to be in it too. Yes, I pick out my entire outfit and put it on -- this includes my own diaper. I do not allow help from anyone unless something is inside out and I can't get it even after working on it for many minutes. And my shoes? They are always on the right feet. Even though my brothers and sister can't do this, I have it down!"

I wanted to tell you about something very fun we did this weekend. On Saturday, Daddy was supposed to drive to northern Georgia to pick up three new pigs for our farm. (One is a boy pig who they say will make girl pigs.) But at the last minute, the woman who was selling them was able to meet us just an hour away. Daddy was going to go, but he really needed to move some of the animals, he worked the next day, and he was running out of daylight. So he sent Mommy and I. We bought a really big truck last week to replace the truck that threw a rod. It's REALLY big. But Mommy has learned to drive it. So she loaded me up, we drove about an hour, and she backed the pick-up right up to this other lady's pick-up and we put three pigs in the back of the truck!

Mommy and I are a good team. I did a good job eating all the legs off my animal crackers and she did a good job getting the pigs home quite alive and quite cute! My biggers brothers and sister named these pigs: Dalmatian, Spot, and Two-spot (which Mommy said we would change to Tupac.)

We hope you had as fun of a weekend as we did!"

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Kourtney Heard said...

Oh my goodness. That outfit is so darling. She is a real cutie. Your post takes me back to the times that I visited my grandmother on her farm in Texas. It was a delightful break from the living in the big city. Country living is so slow and easy compared to the fast paced daily life in the city.

Kourtney Heard @ Hansen Adkins