Thursday, December 03, 2015


Thanks to Grama watching Hannah for me, Joni and I were able to take the three older kiddos to Dollywood for their "Smokey Mountain Christmas." The park is open from 2-9pm so that there is plenty of time to see all the beautiful lights they have out.

We recently purchased an annual membership, and I was excited to try out the park for the first time.

Joni and Sidge on the tram on the way in.

I had no idea that kids were afraid of Ferris Wheels. Abigail was totally game. (She is always is.) But Sidge did NOT want to ride. He kept saying, "I'm going to have a freak out." Isaac tried with Joni but got off right away. In the end, only Abigail liked them. Okay, and if I'm being honest, they really aren't my favorite either. They are a bit scary!

The park was SO empty. We walked on every single ride, and if there wasn't anyone in line, they offered to let the kids ride again. I think they did this roller coaster three times in a row.

Next up? This crazy spinning thing. I did NOT want to ride, but Abigail wasn't allowed to ride without an adult. Isaac was fine going by himself.

What a cutie.

Oh what we do for our children...

Sidge loved it.


How great is this?

There were tons of fun little rides for little kids.

Love my girl.


Sidge's all-time favorite animal is the Bald Eagle. Dollywood has tons of them -- and even a whole store with eagle paraphernalia. 

We had such a wonderful time!

I loved this park -- especially how much Christ was still in Christmas here.

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Momma, PhD said...

Funny you posted this. On Monday, I was on the phone making reservations to go there over the kids' mid-winter break in Feb (we're in NY) when the woman on the phone told me that Dollywood closes 1/3 and doesn't re-open until March! I'm so bummed. They don't have any other school vacations long enough to make the drive down and back. So, I guess we'll have to wait until school is out to go.