Sunday, December 06, 2015

Sunday Sermon

Here's a nugget I pulled out of the sermon today at our church. This is so very true.

"Change doesn't come easy. It comes hard because change comes with a cost. People want change, but they don't want to change ..."

"Embedded in this word repentance, the Bible has the key to real change. Two factors: (1) Feeling sorry before God for what you have done wrong and (2) turning your mind and heart toward His truth. If you don't get those two main components ... there is no hope for truly changing. You will continue to create a world around you that is based on your human will-power."

I remember one time when we were vacationing in Germany, an old man came up to JB and me and our three little kids. We began talking, and he found out that we lived in Turkey. The man asked if we spoke Turkish. "Well," JB began. "My wife speaks Turkish. She's been learning it. But I just don't have time."

The old German shook his head and said, "Now sir you should know that we only have time for the things we are passionate about."

JB looked at him and nodded. "You are right," he said. "I am not passionate about learning Turkish. So I'm letting my wife do it for me."

And JB never studied Turkish again! From that point forward I did the talking anywhere we went in Turkish. JB just decided that he wasn't passionate about it.

Discipline is hard. Change is hard. And if it is a spiritual change, it requires true repentance in order to have a chance of truly changing.

Wise words.

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