Saturday, November 22, 2014

Still Can't Believe It

Once a month, I take the boys to "Lego Homeschool Club." They absolutely love it. It is once a month for two hours. They free-play and then they make something related to a theme, and then they have a show and tell with those creations.

(I can only go when I have someone to watch Hannah because her presence at lego club would mean 2 hours of preventing her from knocking over other kid's creations and eating said creations and even I am not that crazy.)

I have only brought Abigail about half the time. She likes it, but she has never spoken in front of the group. Nor did I ever think she would. Like. Ever. (I've written previously about how incredibly shy and clingy she has been since birth.) During a past meeting she did walk up to the front with Sidge since they were a "team." But speak in front of a group?

In the past few months and especially the last few weeks, I have watched Abigail emerge from the shy shell that has kept her from talking to nearly anyone outside of our immediate family. She has started to ask me if she can talk to people. When she waves at someone, she will turn to me and say, "I waived at he."

And yesterday? Well ... first she told me she wanted to take a number for a turn to share her creation. I let her take one, but was pretty positive then when the teacher called her number, she would change her mind. I never push her. Didn't push her this time. But her number was called and suddenly, she was speaking in front of a group of 50 people.

I have no idea what she said. I didn't care. I was just so thrilled to see my little girl making such a big decision all on her own!


Suzanna Catherine said...

That is so sweet. Maybe Hannah has found her voice.

Carol Z said...

Yay for Hannah. I really liked it when the other kids clapped for her.

denise said...

Yay Abigail! She I did such a great job :)