Saturday, November 22, 2014

Because of Isaac: Help our "Lull"

I wanted to take some time to do a little pleading on behalf of Because of Isaac.  There are times when I feel fundraising is going GREAT. 

There are other times where I feel we are in a bit of a lull. 

Right now? 


And I am asking for your help.

If you read my blog regularly, and enjoy it, you know that I write and don't ask for anything in return. You can read as much and as often as you like. I write. You read. That's it.

But now I am asking for something in return. I estimate I have around 300-500 unique readers of my Blog everday. As many of you know, I am going to be changing the layout of my Blog in a few months. I will be keeping a public blog, but only allowing people who have contacted me to retain "exclusive" reading rights. I have had over 200 people email me requesting to stay on the "exclusive" list. That means that there are at least 200 people that really care to stay connected to our adventures.

If each of those 200 people could donate just $10 to that would be $2,000 raised. 

If each of those 200 people could donate $50 that would be $10,000 raised.

Now don't get me wrong. I know that not everyone has the capability to donate that much money or even any money. Remember, while my husband is a physician, we were both raised in homes where every dollar was counted and often didn't exist. We know what it means to not have money to give. I am definitely not saying that if you don't donate, you can't read. But what I am asking is for you to prayerfully consider if you might be able to make the dreams of parenthood come true for one deserving couple?

Maybe you could make a monthly committment. Maybe you could make a yearly commitment. As a quick reminder, we currently have two couples working HARD to make this dream come true.
Our first couple is Joel and Criss (pictured at right). Joel is actually the nephew of Joan and Roy. Joan and Roy are my son Isaac's birth grandparents. This is a strong Christian couple who are surrounded by friends and family who are building their family. And they want the same thing. They want to be parents. We have raised almost $7,000 for them so far -- nearly exactly the amount they need to start their homestudy and get the ball rolling. But they need to raise another $17,000 to see this dream all the way through.  If you would like to read more about Joel and Criss and find out how to donate, please click here. 

Our second couple is Kevin & Tessa (pictured at left). You can read more of their story and find out how to donate to them by clicking here.  Kevin and Tessa met later in life and are therefore in a time crunch of sorts. Many adoptions have limits on how old a couple can be to adopt. And just because they are older, doesn't mean their desire for children is any different. Kevin and Tessa are another amazing Christian couple that need our help to make the dream of parenthood come true.

You can choose to make your donation to either of these two couples. Or you can make a donation to both! We will also be launching a third couple very soon so stay tuned!

In addition to making a monetary donation, there are other ways to support these adoptions as well. Scroll below to see other ways that you can help make a difference.

Kevin and Tessa are selling shirts. Approximately 50% of the cost of each shirt will go toward their adoption. Click here to check out the adults shirts available. Click here for children's shirts. This fundraiser will only be going on for FIVE more days!

An online friend is selling these signs (pictured above). If you want them in time for Christmas, you have to order by Wednesday! The signs are $75 and $20 of every purchase will go toward the adoption of Joel & Criss. Please click here for more information on purchasing one of these signs. 

Criss has starred selling for Thirty-one to help raise money for her adoption. 25% of every item purchased will go directly toward their adoption costs if you use Criss as your consultant. Thirty-One is a faith based company with lots of bags, accessories and organizational products. 
Just click this link and click on 'Christina Van Wyck' as your consultant!

Kevin and Tessa are selling Turkish pashminas as well. They still have quite a few left, and every single dollar of every single purchase goes directly to their adoption. Please click here to check out what colors and styles are still available.

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