Thursday, November 27, 2014

10th Happy Thanksgiving

This will be my 10th Thanksgiving since starting my Blog in 2005! Here is a look back at a decade of past Thanksgiving celebrations:

2013: Porto Martins, Azores, Portugal: For the fourth year in a row, our friends Shane and Linda joined us for Thanksgiving! We are also joined by JB's family and friends from our Bible Study. Four kiddos in our family this year!
2012: Porto Martins, Azores, Portugal: Our friends Shane and Linda flew over from Germany to spend our third Thanksgiving in a row together. Our good friends and neighbors, Nick and Kristy were also there. Three kiddos in our family for this one too.
2011: Incirlik Air Base, Turkey: Large gathering of people for an outside Thanksgiving meal. Three kids present for this celebration.
2010: Incirlik Air Base, Turkey: Small group of friends over to our house where my just-learned of pregnancy with Abigail was the order of the day.
2009: Eglin Air Force Base: Almost all of JB's family drove up and we celebrated the holiday together on the Base with our two boys.
2008: Eglin Air Force Base: A small group of friends joined us for our first Thanksgiving as parents.
2007: Eglin Air Force Base: My side of the family made the ten hour drive north to celebrate the holiday with us.
2006: Rochester, Minnesota: We went over to our great friends house: Ron and Ebby Ray for a low-key holiday after another failed IVF.
2005: Rochester, Minnesota: While living in Rochester, we make the drive six hours east to spend Thanksgiving with my extended Huisman family.

We have celebrated in Minnesota, Florida, Turkey, and Portugal. And this year will start the celebrations in Tennessee! JB's parents have driven to North Carolina to celebrate with JB's oldest sibling, Elizabeth, and her family. My parents are here to be with us. In addition, JB's brother Ray and his family who live 30 minutes from here will also join us in celebrating.

A slight deviation is that JB has to work today -- Thursday -- sooo we will be doing Thanksgiving tomorrow (Friday). 

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

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Diana said...

So thankful you're able to spend Thanksgiving with so many of your family. Have a blessed day!🍗