Friday, November 21, 2014

Friday Funnies

This week, for a good laugh ... some visuals. While the pajamas may be the same, these pictures were not taken on the same morning. Here are a few snapshots of what Hannah looks like in the morning, right out of bed.

And here is a video of Abigail explaining why boy and girl dogs sound different:

And of course, what would Friday Funnies be without Sidge piping in. This week he asked me if there would be legos in heaven. "
Maybe Jesus will play with us?" he asked.


Hannah H. said...

My brother Josh would say Legos in heaven for sure. Right before moving to Florida, he shared with my friend's great aunt that he was moving to Florida (he was 4 at the time) and she replied that she was going to be going to heaven. Josh asked if they have Legos
In heaven because in Florida he'd have a room full of Legos! She said if there are Legos in heaven, she'd have a lot of learning ahead. They each traveled in the same day... Josh to Florida and her to heaven.

Nancy, Jeremy, Jack, and Julianne said...

Oh my goodness- that hair! Too funny!