Sunday, November 02, 2014

My Facebook Halloween Awards

Facebook! It allowed me to see all of my friends and their costumes from the comfort of my living room. And I have therefore decided to create my own very wise voting pool of ONE to determine who amongst my friends wins my unofficial and never announced Halloween contest. I'm especially paying tribute to family costumes since I don't think you will ever see JB and me participating in this idea. So here they are:


The Dunham Family coming up with an idea that I had never seen before. I especially love the cookie trick-or-treat bag! Well done Erin.


So even though I had never seen this idea before, my friends the Pleasants (family on right) came up with the same idea on the other side of the country. Michelle, who is a physician, however, made sure her milk was organic. Because they didn't dress the kids up with the theme, I had to give the Grand prize to the Dunham family. But this was still a very valiant effort.


This goes to my friends the Stebbins Family simply for the fact that Ryan did this! Planned ahead, no qualms about it. Well done!


The Yerrington Family! While Dan's attempts are a bit weak, he did, in fact, allow Angelica to put that black stuff under his eyes. And little football int he front is so cute! Great theme!


While not the most original idea, this family foto from the F. family shows that Kara is truly the coolest mom I know.


This is someone I don't know, but I saw the pic floating around Facebook and just loved the idea! Well done!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for our award! Next year we are going to win grand prize! I am planning outfits already...challenge accepted. Hugs! -mich