Tuesday, November 11, 2014

National Adoption Month: the Meyer Family

Bethany: My boys are my miracles. We "adopted" them sometime during the summer of 2003 and they were born the next April. Technically, my boys aren't adopted. Another couple donated them, as embryos, to my clinic's embryo donation program. After four years of failed infertility treatments and desperately wanting to be parents, my husband and I were starting to research adoption agencies. However, I still hadn't given up the dream of being pregnant. During our last IVF cycle with our genetic embryos I had heard from my nurse that they offered an embryo donation program and asked if I was interested in pursuing this option if this last transfer failed. The day after we received the negative results from my pregnancy test I called the nurse in charge of the donation program. I went to the office later that day and picked up the profiles of embryos that were available, quickly researched them, picked a first and second option and called in with my choice. My first choice had just been taken by another couple, but my second choice was still available. Within a month I was ready for my first transfer. That transfer failed, but I had one more chance left - 4 embryos left, which only 2 survived the thaw - the 2 that would become my twin boys. I called them "my miracles" earlier, but they are truly God's miracles. He had beautifully orchestrated every detail in my journey to become of mom. I cannot look at my boys without being eternally grateful to the One who gave them to me.

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