Monday, November 24, 2014

First snow

Our boys have seen snow. When we lived in Turkey, though it was very warm, you could drive just four hours and be up the mountain in snow!

The three oldest also saw snow when Abigail was a baby and we got stuck overnight in D.C. one time. We also experienced a winter storm on the islands (but that didn't include snow.)

But Abigail doesn't remember, and last week was the very first time that all four of my kiddos were able to see snow at the same time. It was a cold week in Tennessee (apparently about 30 degrees colder than usual for November.)

Actually, let's be real. You can't really call what we saw snow. In principle, it was snow. But it didn't accumulate, didn't even really stick anywhere. The little girl behind us managed to scoop up enough to make a miniature snowman on the banister. But generally speaking, the word snow was a stretch.

But it was still fun to gather in front of the glass and watch it accumulate.

Of course, JB and I spent four years in Minnesota. Snow means very little to us. And cold is not what people here have been saying it is. Until you see a foot of snow and experience forty below, you are doing just fine!

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Anonymous said...

Hello from Rochester we already have so much snow this year..It all melted yesterday only to be again it this morning. :(