Monday, November 17, 2014

How 936 Pennies Will Forever Change How You Parent

I don't choke up often. But this post did it to me. 936 pennies in a jar. That represents the weeks you have available to you before your child leaves the nest. Each Sunday after church, remove a penny, and remember that your time is fleeting. It won't last long. It ran out on your parents. And it will run out for you. 

What will we do with our 936 weeks? What will we instill in our children during this gift of time? How many hugs can we squeeze into 936 weeks? How many kisses? How many snuggles and books and how much quality time

Perspective is a beautiful thing. 


D Silveira said...

This made me tear up also. Such a beautiful article! And it really hit home. Especially because my 22 month old has been acting awful and I've been wishing I could skip through some of this. This article helped put it in perspective! I'm gonna be getting a jar this week and each Sunday write in a journal what we did that week. I want to cherish this time not rush it.

Anonymous said...

Makes me think..
Wow...I have really blown it. 900 plus weeks...15 years of homeschooling and she can't spell Suite and Michigan. Great...just