Thursday, November 06, 2014

Heads up!

I am so far from a girly-girl it's nearly comical. I was a jock. A tom boy. I have no interest in girly bows and dresses. I avoid wearing a dress myself if I can avoid it. 

But one thing I do know how to do (a result of years of basketball and volleyball) is french braid. This past Sunday, I attempted a double braid on both girls on the same day. I think it went pretty well. (Other than the fact that braiding a one year old's head is like bobbing for apples.)

And while we are on the topic of heads, JB took the kiddos to the tractor supply store the other day. He came home with farm hats for each of them. Apparently, he's a wee bit excited about our farm purchase. We are hopefully just a few weeks away for finalizing our purchase of 100 acres in a town about 4 hours from where we live now. The plan is to move there sometime next summer!

Here is the closest thing I could get to a picture of all three:


yuan family said...

Nice job on the braids Wendi! I am the same way...can't do my hair at all but was always the designated volleyball team french braider! Congrats on the farm!

Anonymous said...

You could braid Brianna's hair so beautifully!! And mine too on occasion!!
Love the hats!