Sunday, November 23, 2014

They are here!

My Dad and mom made the 12 hour drive from Ft. Lauderdale to Tennessee in 14 hours yesterday -- thanks to Atlanta traffic. 

But they are here! 

The boys received an awesome lego set that they just finished putting together today. And Abigail has been in heaven coloring her new Tinkerbell coloring book with Papa Coach. (I do find it funny that my Dad is hiding his picture out of everyone else's reach when he isn't working on it to assure it doesn't get messed up.)

Fifteen months is way too long to go without your parents. So glad to be back in America where we can visit much more often. 

Abigail coloring with Papa Coach

Abigail reading with Grama Di

And here is a picture of my Mom with Isaac. This was the last time that we had Thanksgiving together -- back in 2008 -- when I just had one child and was two months from having Sidge. You can see the post by clicking here. 

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