Thursday, November 20, 2014


There's no telling what Hannah may turn out to be. She's still young. But right now, she is ALL bruiser. A hot mess nearly all of the time. Her favorite thing to do is wear a baseball cap backwards. Honestly, if I put her in a dress, it sort of looks wrong. She looks most comfortable in blue jeans and a t-shirt.

And Abigail? Total lady. She currently refuses to wear anything but a dress ... every ... day. Kinda hard  when it's bad really cold here. We've had to try to work out compromises with tights and long shirts. She gets quite upset that she has to put a coat on over her dress too. She has even recruited Daddy to blow dry her hair and put bows in it to match her dresses.

They are obviously sisters. But right now, looks are where the similarities end!


Suzanna Catherine said...

They are adorable! I love the expression on both of their faces. They are absolutely comfortable in their own skin. Each one looks like she KNOWS she's "the fairest in the land."

Diana said...

My girls were (are) total opposites, so I can relate!