Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Jewel Fish of Karnak

If you have kids between 5 and up, check to see if your library has this book: The Jewel Fish of Karnak  by Graeme Base. It's a fantastic book that allows you to read a story and then, using the concept of hieroglyphics, solve a puzzle, go to the website, and earn a prize (which is actually a cool craft which allows you to make your own jewel fish.)

Now to be honest, this was more complicated than mom's brain was capable of ascertaining so I recruited Daddy to help the solve the puzzle and do this project with them.

A great school project or just a fun rainy day activity for those of you who aren't homeschooling!

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Jennifer said...

When I was a child, the author's book The Eleventh Hour came out and I remember asking my mom over and over again if we could get it. Excited to see there is another mystery book by the author.