Monday, November 03, 2014

National Adoption Month: Profiles

November is National Adoption Month. Throughout the month, I will be featuring profiles and stories and information about adoption. All adoptions are important and special, but each year the initiative focuses on a different aspect of adoption. This year, the focus is on sibling groups and trying to keep siblings together when adopting.

Today I feature the story of a friend of my Deana. I loved when Deana told me the story of her sister Darlene's story from a Taiwanese adoption agency. Deana's parents thought that the process would be long and arduous and were instead shocked when one week after expressing interest, a baby showed up at their house!

Darlene was adopted from the "Mustard Seed" in Taiwan. My parents thought they could no longer have any children and waited on the adoption list for years in the US. When they moved to Taiwan for my Dad's job, they visited the Mustard Seed right away, and Darlene was brought to the house the following week! They were so surprised and they had nothing for her. She slept in a drawer with a blanket the first couple of nights. She was my best friend growing up. We are so very blessed that God sent her to our family. She is the glue that holds us all together. I love my big sister!!


Julia said...

I was adopted through Mustard Seed also. My parents were able to adopt me 3 days after I was born. I am blessed.

I sometimes randomly google Mustard Seed, Taiwan, brought me to your blog today. :)

...and now I will pin you to my pinterest board. Your friend may be interested in my random findings too!

Julia said...

They are also on FB, if she's interested.

Julia said...

It's me again! I hope you don't mind. The Mustard Seed is currently searching to reconnect with the people that they have served in the past. They lovingly call us "Mustard Seeds". I was going to see if you would mind forwarding this link to your friend, I thought she might be interested in connecting with all of us. Thanks! ~Julia

Julia said...

Actually, if she will go to the Mustard Seed FB page in my second comment, she will be able to see where they are looking to connect with the Mustard Seeds.