Saturday, July 02, 2011


Leave it to Veronica to take such beatuiful photos of our day in Trier, Germany -- the oldest city in Germany (founded sometime around 16BC.) It was actually founded centuries before Rome! Now that I am 37 weeks, we decided to "risk" a long day. We took a two hour train ride to Trier (since our car is too small to fit us all) and spent quite a few hours walking around the town and having lunch on the Moselle River. As a sidenote, it is so wonderful to travel with multilingual Joni. (She speaks fluent Dutch and English and also speak Afrikans and German "nearly" fluently.) It made our trip much more enjoyable!

We would have liked to stay longer, but by 3pm, JB finally made me confess that I was, indeed, struggling to keep up with the group. And in fact on the train ride on the way home, I started having contractions again. They lasted an hour and were the most intense I have had yet, coming on every 2-3 minutes. But as soon as they came, they stopped. That little Abigail is determined to give us a run for our money and take me right up until our scheduled c-section on July 18.

There were so many wonderful pictures of our trip that I could not possibly put them all on my blog. So I instead created a Facebook album. Click here for the full TRIER album. You can click this link to see what a beautiful (and exhausting) day we had.


David and/or Lesley said...

The boys are SO big!! And your adventures look so fun! Thanks for posting all the pictures and stories ... miss you!

Anonymous said...

please tell us more about Joni - how does she know so many languages?

Flakymn said...

Great question. I'll have to do a post on this in the future. Joan's parents are from Holland. They moved to South Africa right before she was born. She grew up speaking Dutch at home but learned Afrikans from living in South Africa.

When she was around four, they moved to the US where, by the time she started school at five, she had learned English. English and Dtuch are therefore her two "heart" languages.

In college she was a German major and while it is her "third" language, she can understand it quite well.