Saturday, October 02, 2010

Toddler Time Tissue

I continue to find activities to try with the boys. Going against all the cheapness in my Dutch blood, I returned again to my Toddler Busy Book and allowed the boys to pull tissue out of a box ... just for the fun of it.

Here they are in the early stages, still sitting in their cute toddler squats.

And here they are sitting on their bottoms, the length of time it takes to pull out the tissue surpassing their ability to squat.

Isaac finished his first. Elijah was a bit tired of the game and so Isaac moved in to help his brother.

Focused little Isaac.

Afterwards, I let the boys put toys in their boxes. They enjoyed that for another five minutes or so.

And yes, for all you fellow cheapskates out there, I did keep the paper to use for ... something. Not exactly sure what. But I just couldn't bring myself to throw it away.

Overall, a good activity for about fifteen minutes of entertainment. Worth two boxes of tissue? I am not sure.

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Joy Z said...

Very fun! In my coupon clipping, I am always getting these coupons for a free box of a certain brand of tissue. I bought it once, my nose almost bled from the sandpaper-like texture, so I vowed never to get it again, even if it was free. Now I may just reconsider!