Wednesday, October 20, 2010

CC Outing

The Community Center on Base continues to open its doors on Mondays and Wednesdays, allowing little kiddos to come in and play in two big bouncy houses, eat snacks, get popsicles, and just have a little time out of the house. Offering activities is huge for us Base people because all we really have is the Base when it comes to getting our kids out and about.

My Mom is going to get mad at me for this photo but I just love how it "appears" she is setting her sites on cheetos. This wasn't the case, but the picture was funny to me!

Here I am laughing at my boys. They entertain me so much and just warm my heart.

Elijah has been very into summersaults. He wants me to help him do these all the time.

Popsicle time. Elijah has no caer if his popsicle gets messy.
Isaac doesn't like the mess. When it starts melting faster than he can eat it, he's done.


grama di said...

ok Wendi! No more naps for you!!!

Sophia said...

I love the picture where you are smiling at your boys!

AW said...

Wendi, the more I ready about your boys, the more they remind me of mine in the same birth order.

JK: Sweet, reserved, smart as a whip, very strong language skills, fairly accomodating, but when he wants his way, he REALLY wants his way.

EK: Sweet, charming, funny, LOVES animals, full-bore into everything about life, very affectionate, eats like crazy.

Wondering if birth order has something to do with this...