Thursday, October 28, 2010


I just finished Joan's all-time favorite book: Rebecca. Oh folks! This one should be added to your reading list. It was fantastic. It started a bit slow so it give two or three chapters. Riveting. Written in 1938 but still a classic. I can't believe I waited 33 years to read this. Awesome.

In a subsequently opposite review, I will warn you to not waste your time with the movie Wimbledon. Not very good.

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Joy Z said...

I think I may have read that when I was younger. Is there another by the same author called "Julie"?

Anonymous said...

Is this REBECCA, as in Mrs. DeWinter?!?!?! I read this book in High School (the one and only time) and it stuck with me all these much that as soon as I got my iPad it was the first book I searched to dowmload...(unfortunately, not in digital yet...) My mom's got my original HS copy at home and re-reads it all the time!
Many hugs!

-Patty Perez-Borroto