Sunday, October 10, 2010

Kids say the darndest things

If you haven't ever seen Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, let me just summarize by telling you that when Mickey and his gang need to solve a problem, they call for "Toodles." He comes with tools that they can use to solve a problem.

So ...

Using the restroom in Luxemburg cost me 50 Euros. After using the restroom, I set up to change Isaac on the baby changing table. While I was changing him, the lady who took my “tip” talked on the phone in very loud and very fast French. I asked Isaac if he knew what she was saying. He looked at me, looked at her and said, “Hmmmm ..." He paused, looked around and then said, "Oh Toooooooodles!

I’m not sure if Isaac meant this or it was just a coincidence he said it right then, but I laughed hard nonetheless. And so did JB when I told him the story.

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