Monday, October 04, 2010

Doggie Playdate

Not only have JB and Wendi made a lot of new friends on Base, but the boys have made a lot of new friends on Base.

And so has Scrubs.

There is a dogpark on Base, but honestly, I haven't been there yet. It's quite a ways from the living part of Base and taking Scrubby out there is just not something I have the time to do right now. I have also heard that it is pretty dirty, not used much, and has poor fencing.

But a few new friends and I have been setting up little doggie play dates around Base. We've met in soccer fields and baseball fields and we plan to do some yard time too. I'm not sure technically they want the dogs playing in these parks. But as long as the dogs aren't tearing them up and we are cleaning up after them and no one is telling us not to, we plan to do some romping.

Or let the dogs romp at least.

So far Scrubs has played with Sadie and Dixie and Buddy and Lucky. Next time I hope to bring my camera so we can capture some of these fun times. Seeing a dog run and play is really good for the soul. It just makes you happy. And Scrubs happy too.

Scrubs has adjusted fantastically to life here on Base. We have quite a list of people who have offered to watch him when we go out of town. Many of these people are dog lovers who left their dogs back in the States or single people who would love to upgrade to our house for a long weekend.

He loves all the neighbor kids and they love him. They bring him bones after dinner (yuck!) and want to throw the Frisbee for him any chance we get. We play Frisbee in the side yard a few times a day. He's the only Dalmatian on Base and he is quite popular with everyone.

The neighbor that shares our side yard is a school teacher. Ms. Barbara is in her seventies and lost her husband last year. After 41 years of teaching, this will be her final year. She plans to return to the U.S. and enjoy her kids and grand kids. But in the meantime, she enjoys watching Scrubs play in the yard.

The boys like Ms. Barbara too and run over to see her any chance they get.

So does Scrubs.

Scrubs also has been going on bike rides with me -- jogging along side. We go on runs, walks, anything to get exercise for him or us.

I'm not sure Scrubs knows he's in Turkey exactly.

But he sure does like it here.

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