Friday, October 29, 2010

A big boy room

We weren't planning on transitioning both boys to toddler beds. But I found a second one on the Incirlik Facebook Yard sale page for $15. And the rest ... well, see the pictures below to find out for yourself:

Here is JB on a ladder putting glow-in-the-dark starts on the ceiling.

Here is the cool vinyl wall piece I ordered from a seller on Etsy.

Here's the other piece I ordered from the site. Anyone notice a problem with this? On another note, take a look at the two beds. I spent a total of $35 for two beds that look nearly identical! We are keeping the crib in the room for now in case one of the boys has trouble in the toddler bed.

Here is Elijah praying with Daddy before bed. He folds his hands and closes his eyes halfway when it is time to pray.

Here's Isaac post-prayer, already set-up with his book and ready for the lights to go out so he can see the stars on the ceiling.

And here are the boys about 30 minutes later, both sound asleep.

I'm not sure how the beds will work at nap-time but bed-time, appears to be a success. At least for right now. How did this happen so quickly?! How does a child grow up right before your eyes.


Beth said...

So cute! You did an awesome job with the room. Looks like the boys love it despite the misspelled name! It took Phillip a few nights to discover he could get out of his big boy bed without asisstance, so be ready :) Hopefully they'll do great! Thanks for the pictures, they are so precious!

Anonymous said...

They look so CUTE!!
grandma k

Sophia said...

They are too cute!

Dana said...

Oops did they spell Isaac's name wrong?

Jess said...

VERY cute! And brave! I always wonder at how people get their kids to sleep sharing the same room. Our kids' rooms share a WALL and they sometimes have trouble....guess it's what you're used to?

I am feeling a lot the same way...crazy how one day it seems they are babies and the next day you have preschooler aged CHILDREN. Bit by bit, I guess.

I love the room!

Joy Z said...

Oops, two s's and only one a!