Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Parks, parks, parks (& dracula)

I read something the other day about how societies in the U.S. have changed. People have to search out community. They need play dates and lunch outings because community is no longer close to them. Our community relies on vehicles, and as a result, friends and families do not live close.

I know it will one day, again, be like that for me, but right now, I am enjoying the fact that my community is truly just that. It is all around me. I know the name of everyone on my block. I know their dogs. I know their kids. And if I needed anything, I could pick a door and knock. I can walk anywhere I want. Our car is not needed on Base whatsoever. You don't worry if your child is out at night, in the dark.

I love the parks that are, simply said, everywhere on this Base. It is a little sad to me that the one Turkish park (remember that this is a Turkish military Base and there is therefore a Turkish neighborhood, park, stores, etc.) are in such bad shape. Their money is separate from our money and you can definitely tell that that is the case. Their park is in total disarray, while any park you pick on the U.S. side is perfectly maintained.

There are, at least a dozen parks within a five to ten minute walk of our home. And one of them ("the house park" -- Isaac is starting to name them) is, right by our house. I can see the boys from the driveway if they are playing there although as of yet, I've avoided letting them go by themselves since the one time I did, Isaac fell and cut his lip and got confused as to how to get back to me.

... digression. My specialty.

Parks. Everywhere. I told my Mom and Joan about a very cool park that they might want to take the boys to. They didn't find it. But they found three others and took some time at each one while I was able to just have some alone time in the house. (Such a great gift!) They also happened to find (Dracula) Mickey on the way back from those parks.

(On a completely separate note, am I the only one who is completely not a fan of scary Halloween stuff?)

As always, you can count on Joan to take some pics. Here they are:

This is the smile Isaac has for us when the camera isn't out. It is difficult to capture on camera. I am so glad Joan got it. To me it totally represents his sweet disposition and calm and deliberate approach to everything he does. What a gift this little boy is.

Joni and her boys going down the slide.

My little Elijah, full of passion and determination. A lover of nature and animals and the outdoors.

Isaac giving a quick look at the camera. He looks so tall and skinny here. We really think he is going through a growth spurt since, suddenly, he wants to eat everything in sight.

And then it was time to meet Mickey in Dracula form. You can see how sure Isaac felt about this.

Both the boys meeting a big Mickey in our neighbor's yard.

Pointing at Mickey.

Isaac and Joan.

Isaac and my Mom.

Isaac and Mickey.

Enjoying the long walk home. I think it's funny that Isaac puts his hands on his back like this all the time. This is something my Dad and me do too. It really makes you get into a huge debate on nature vs. nurture!


Joia said...

I am Totally with you on the complete dislike of anything scary,creepy, spooky at Halloween! =0/

Joy Z said...

I don't like scary stuff either! If you think about it, it's pretty strange to celebrate all things scary, evil, creepy and dead. If it were any other time of year, we would be really weired out by neighbors putting skeletons and tombstones in their yards. But that's just me. =)